News Archive December 2006

Biggest Cellphone Gambling Ring Discovered in Vietnam
December 31, 2006

Police officers in Ho Chi Minh City arrested Ma Kim Phong and several others for illegally operating the largest cellphone and Internet betting ring in Vietnam. Police are further investigating the matter.

European Gambling Faces a Healthy Future
December 24, 2006

European gambling appears to be resilient in spite of its encounters with problems caused by the UIGEA's recent implementation. The European Mobile Gambling is also expected to pick up the pace next year.

Illegal Betting Ring Raided in Home of IPS Officer in Bhopal
December 20, 2006

Police authorities in the Madhya Pradesh area raided an illegal betting ring in a residence owned by an IPS Officer. The police also confiscated items in the house which they believe were used by the illegal betting ring.

RIM Blackberry Subscribers can Gamble or Play Their Favorite Games via Cellphone
December 19, 2006

Blackberry Customers can access their favorite casino games, like poker, via their cellphones. Real Dice, the very first Cross Platform Gaming Community for 'Smart Phones' like Blackberry, helped to make this possible.

Online and Cellphone Gaming Amendment Could Pass in South Africa
December 18, 2006

The South African Government has finally allowed online and cellular gambling in the country with certain restrictions. After 2 years of extensive research on how other countries deal with gambling, The National Gaming Board may be giving their nod of approval to online gaming.

Cellphone Gambling High on the Agenda at Arizona's Racing and Gaming Symposium
December 17, 2006

Bookmaker companies are currently searching for more ways to expand their reach and explore new markets as additional sources of profits. One of these ways is to allow their customers to use their cellular phones to place their bets.

Former Employees of Yamato Unyu Delivery Company Arrested Over Cellular Gambling Charges
December 17, 2006

4 employees of the Yamato Unyu Delivery Corporation were fired by their company after authorities discovered that they were using the company as a venue for their cellular gambling activities.

888 PLC to Jump on the Mobile Betting Bandwagon
December 14, 2006

888 PLC is reportedly close to finalizing an agreement with various European Mobile Carriers enabling them to launch gambling related offers to their European customers via cellular phones.

Mobile Entertainment Industry Expected to Rise to $77 Billion by 2011
December 13, 2006

It was reported that the combined worth of the mobile entertainment industry is around $17 Billion and the figure is expected to rise to $47 Billion by 2009. The mobile gambling market is also expected to grow.

Mobile Technology and Games to Push Market to New Heights
December 12, 2006

Juniper Research predicts that Mobile Entertainment profits will reach an unprecedented $47 Billion by 2009. As of now, the leading area for growth in the mobile entertainment industry is the mobile music division.

Centrebet Chairman Graham Kelly Predicts that the Democrats will Change Gambling Laws
December 04, 2006

Centrebet Chairman, Graham Kelly, commented that he wonders if the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) will push through with the new change in the leadership of the House of Congress. According to Chairman Kelly, they will be concentrating on the Cell phone Gambling Industry since it ...

weComm Announces New Vice President of Sales
December 03, 2006

weComm, a mobile data delivery company known worldwide, has announced that Mr. Trevor Cooks is the new Vice President of Sales.