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RIM Blackberry Subscribers can Gamble or Play Their Favorite Games via Cellphone

Leading the way in next-generation mobile phone gaming evolution, on December 13, 2006, Real Dice announced the launch of the Real Dice Mobile Multiplayer Games and their Real Dice World social gaming community for the popular RIM Blackberry devices. Popular games like Poker, Sudoku, Chess, Backgammon and Mahjong are some of the games that players can access with the help of Real Dice. Not to mention the added features of chat, messaging, gaming tournaments and ranking.

The customers can stream the Real Dice World and all of its games on their Blackberry handsets by going to the web browser at wap.realdice.com. The launch of Real Dice follows on the heels of the latest device of RIM, the Blackberry Pearl. The Blackberry Pearl is considered to be one of the "prosumer-targeted" mobile devices, like the Motorola Q and the Treo 680, which are made to be customer-friendly, and affordable "smart" phones.

According to Guy Ben-Artzi, Director of Game Development at Real Dice Inc., Real Dice Games feature high resolution screens and web capabilities of the new phones on the mobile market. Provided with an enhanced graphic environment and a well-connected service, cellphone users can now interact virtually, even in a poker match, by simply using their mobile devices. Following the launch of Real Dice World, Real Dice has released their games for the Blackberry phone, the mobile industry's very first mobile gaming platform.

Customers can now compete with other players, whether they are using Palm OS, Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone devices from any part of the world. Ben-Artzi added that the "Real Dice World is a flawless cross-platform that takes the difficulty out of mobile gaming. It is not an issue of what device or platform you are on."

Among the games that are available in Real Dice, Multiplayer Championship Poker received the Best Poker Game of the Year commendation from Smartphone and PocketPC Magazine this year, as well as last year. It also received the Best Application for Play award from Handango this year. The Sudoku Master and the Sudoku Master II are considered the best-selling games for Blackberry users. Players can choose to participate in multiplayer games or single matches.


December 19, 2006
Nancy Parker