News Archive November 2006

Glasgow Base DA Group Shares Up By Almost 20%
November 27, 2006

The DA Group, a Glasgow based interactive gaming company, publicly announced that they have closed a deal with ITV Channel. The deal states that the company has to make 'Bruce', an interactive 'Aussie Avatar' for the channels new show, 'Im A Celebrity Get me Out of Here'.

Progressive Gaming Will Launch their Newest Offering at the Global Gaming Expo
November 23, 2006

The Progressive Gaming International Corporation will showcase their newest product offerings at the Global Gaming Expo on November 14-November 16, 2006. There will also be a Texas Holdem tournament. The CEO of the company, Russ McMeekin said that visitors especially gaming enthusiasts will truly en ...

Mobile Corporate Applications Leader Pervasic Ltd Appoints Rob Mills as VP of Engineering
November 22, 2006

Mr. Rob Mills has been appointed Vice President for the Engineering Department, he will also take charge of the companys MobileOne Platform project. John Salter, the CEO of Pervasic said that the company believes that Rob Mills will bring a lot of his previous expertise and knowledge in the company ...

Police Discovered Cricket Betting Anomaly in the Current ICC Champions Trophy
November 21, 2006

Pawan Chohan and Satish Kumar were two of the suspects regarding a cricket betting incident in the ongoing ICC Champions Trophy.Sub-Inspector H.S. Sekhon, the investigator assigned to the case said that the bettors were kept informed of the progress of the match with the use of the mobile phones. Th ...

Progressive Gaming International Corporations Mobile Gamble
November 19, 2006

The Progressive Gaming International Corporation has recently launched their newest product, which is the Rapid Bet Live Wireless. It will allow the customer to place their bets on any sporting events directly from where they are using their mobile phones.