News Archive January 2007

Mobile Betting on Horse Races in New York Begins on January 22, 2007
January 18, 2007

New York residents will soon be able to place bets on horse races via their mobile phones, as a result of the new law adopted by the New York State Board and by Sona Mobiles software.

Zero36's Technology Enables Mobile Gambling
January 17, 2007

Zero36 is applying for a patent for its latest mobile gaming technology. The new technology will allow mobile phone carriers to enter a play-for-money mode in their mobile casinos in areas where gambling is legal.

New York State Initiates Internet and Cellphone Betting Laws for Sona's Mobile Racetrack Plans
January 16, 2007

On January 12, 2007 Sona Mobile Holdings announced that New York State adopted a new law that will allow them to transact horse race betting via the Internet as well as their customers' cellphones. As a result, they hope to attract more potential clients.

Study Conducted by the European Commission Shows Gambling is on the Rise in Europe
January 14, 2007

Admittedly, the passage of the UIGEA in the U.S. has greatly affected the online gaming industry. However, according to a recent major study conducted by the European Commission, the European Market has much potential and the Mobile Gambling Market in Europe is also set to rise in 2007.

Betting Racket on the Ashes Cricket Series Discovered by Authorities in Faridabad
January 10, 2007

The Police Department of Haryana in Faridabad has busted an illegal betting ring in the area. Police officers arrested about a dozen individuals, confiscating cellphones and cash when they raided a residence in the area based on a tip.

Three Suspects Arrested by Police Officers for Cellphone Betting Racket
January 09, 2007

The New Delhi Police Department has arrested Sohan Lal, Puneet and Surender for running an illegal cellphone betting ring in New Delhi. Police raided the residence, caught them in the act and arrested them.