News Archive December 2005

Mobile Poker's Increased Popularity
December 29, 2005

Read about the new mobile poker craze in the UK, and how during the last year the mobile poker industry had gained much popularity.

Gambling Radiation Hazards
December 27, 2005

Is the use of mobile phones in order to gamble causing any radiation absorption? Find the answer inside.

Gambling Industry Soars
December 22, 2005

The gambling industry had a successful year and experts predict that it's just the beginning, read about the future of the cell phone gambling industry.

Gambling summit
December 15, 2005

Read about the Mobile Gambling Summit of 2006, which would take place in London, this January.

Safe bets
December 12, 2005

Learn how to gamble safely via cellular phones without any distractions, problems or disconnections.

Mobile Gambling Addiction
December 04, 2005

Read about the new phenomenon of mobile gambling and the problems that appear in the industry.