News Archive October 2005

Nevada accepts cell phone gambling
October 31, 2005

Although cell phone gambling is becoming more and more popular in Europe and South Africa, American citizens still wait for the mobile revolution as the American wire-law prevents all sorts of online or mobile gambling. All this is about to change as Nevada is going to be the first state to allow ...

The future of Cell Phone games
October 12, 2005

The cell phone games industry has gone a long way since the days of snake and arcade rip-offs. Today's 3G cell phones can manage such a high ratio of data transmission that mobile games are beginning to resemble the games you run on your home computer. An owner of a cell phone that uses a 3G netwo ...

Cell phone gambling options
October 03, 2005

Cell phone gambling has indeed changed the world of gambling as we knew it, but unlike many think it change it in more than one way. Though the main advantage mobile phones offer is accessibility there are also other aspects worth mentioning. Cell phone gambling has got into the hearts of many g ...