News Archive September 2005

Cell phone gambling success
September 23, 2005

The UK independent reports that mobile gambling has rocketed to new highs this year. The number of betting pages downloaded to private cell phones is expected to reach three million till the end of the year, a rise of 367% in comparison to 2004. Mobile gambling has been picked up with great enthus ...

Prevent gambling problems
September 15, 2005

Mobile gambling is a controversial issue to say the least. The debate over possible affects that cell phone gambling may cause have exceeded even the last gambling heated discussion regarding online gambling. What is it about mobile gambling that lures so much fire and dispute?

Mobile gambling future
September 08, 2005

A recently published report by Informa Media & Telecom claims that cell phone gambling will grow to 7.5 billion us dollars till the year 2010, from its current market share of 1.2 billion. The largest market that enjoys mobile gambling today is Europe. Little known fact is that the thing that hold ...