The future of Cell Phone Gambling

A recently published report by Informa Media & Telecom claims that cell phone gambling will grow to 7.5 billion us dollars till the year 2010, from its current market share of 1.2 billion. The largest market that enjoys mobile gambling today is Europe. Little known fact is that the thing that holds back cell phone gambling is not technology but legislation. Legislators fail to understand that mobile gambling technology will revolutionize the world of gambling to the better.

Today's mobile technology can help monitor gambling addicts far more affectively. It is easier to cross-reference information between the gambling suppliers than to check it with land based casinos, bookies and gambling operators.Major technology leaps have made cell phones extremely hard to hack in any form. Meaning, cell phone gambling is as safe as land based casinos and even more.

Another true but misplaced concern of the legislator is the accessibility of the games to children. Though ones a real concern, today's technology has turned this issue into a no-brainer - highly advanced password and verification systems made access to the casino games block to whoever is not authorized. Hopefully the campaign lead by gambling operators will convince the legislators that there is no reason to be afraid of the future.

Reed Rice, Editor. 07.08.2005