Mobile Technology and Games to Push Market to New Heights

According to a report on the total mobile entertainment industry (gambling, adult content, games, music and television) released by the analysts of Juniper Research, a very well-known research company, on November 29th, the industry is expected to reach new heights, especially with its total profits, to up to $47 Billion by the year 2009. Asia and the European continent will be the main source of growth for the mobile entertainment industry over the period 2006-2011. The Asian Region will contribute about 37% of the total profits from the mobile entertainment market while Europe will contribute about 35% of the total profits earned from the mobile industry.

The $47 Billion profit that the mobile entertainment is expected to make in 2009 will even reach a milestone mark of $77 Billion by the year 2011, when both the mobile TV and the common market games really make their mark in the worldwide market. At the moment, the mobile music sector is the largest part of the mobile entertainment market with about 80% of its earned revenues coming from selling ringtones.

Next in line would be "infotainment", which is composed of sport, leisure and information products, but is still generally dominated by wallpaper. The continued domination of the mobile entertainment industry with its traditionally main products is predicted to be diluted over the next couple of years, as the next in line mobile phone technology becomes a common thing and customers better appreciate and understand the wide array of entertainment applications that can be accessed and enjoyed on their own cellular phones.

The number of bets that will be placed via cellular phone gambling will also surpass the value of the mobile music industry. Mobile gambling is considered one of the mobile entertainment industry's divisions that are not expected to experience any value erosion.

According to Mr. Bruce Gibson, a Senior Consultant at Juniper Research, there is a lot of potential and room for growth regarding all of the important value chain participants of the mobile industry over the next couple of years. A hectic lifestyle in both the developed and still developing markets will mean that customers will have to access both entertainment and any form of relaxation whenever they have the chance to do so. In closing, he added that with the growing market for middle-class clients, the next type of mobile technology and the ever-changing face of cellular phones, adequately equipped with a lot of multifunction features and entertainment system, will make them achieve this in a way that is thought to be just impossible.


December 12, 2006
Matt Gross