Australian Parliament Member Calls for a Ban on Txt2Bet Cell Gambling Services

Last week during the 3rd of February the South Australian Member of Parliament Nick Xenophon has pressed the Commonwealth calling for amendments on the Interactive Gambling Act in order to ban txt2bet, a cell gambling services that is offering punters the opportunity go gamble at any given time. This claim is joining other claims around the world for banning cell phones due to cell gambling services.

MP Nick Xenophon stated that the cell gambling company is encouraging users to place bets using their interactive service that allows users to place bets on racing events and sports event 24/7.

MP Xenophon is warning that txt2bet's cell gambling service is probable to cause more problem gambling and to put youth at danger of becoming addictive gamblers due to the easiness and the high-accessibility of the cell phone gambling application promoted by txt2bet.

"It will show the way to extra problem gambling for the reason of its very straightforward access and we make out from a Productivity Commission report on gambling, that the more ease of use the form of gambling is, the bigger the risk of problem gambling" MP Nick Xenophon commented on the matter.

He had also written to Federal Communications Minister Helen Coonan asking for the government to get involved in the matter as soon as possible.

TXT2Bet's director Keith Boerholm have replied on the matter that the company's cell gambling service is working on a debt-basis, without any credit given to users. Also he had stated that users leave a full audit trail which allows the company to make sure that no underage users would exploit their cell gambling applications and services. If you want to know more please go back and view other cellular gambling news.

Joan Davis. Editorial staff 6/2/06