Cell Phones Ban in Schools World Wide due to Cell Gambling Activities

The Philippine's Department of Justice (DoJ) has declared a ban on mobile phones in schools last year, after few students committed suicide due to losing at cell gambling activities they took part of. Other governments around the world have now moved forward to protect its youth from cell gambling activities as well. In Birmingham, United Kingdom more than half of secondary schools have already banned use of mobile phones according to Children's Express, UK's news agency.

The ban follows many other bans around the world, as in Queensland, Australia. As cell phone gambling popularity rises more and more parents from all around the world are worry that cell gambling services would be accessible to their children.

Preventing cell phone gambling problems is already a hard-hitting issue for the mobile gambling industry and these recent reports on cell-phones ban puts the entire industry on tenterhooks. Although the cell gambling industry has made significant efforts to clock underage users again it seems that it is simply not enough.

“Gambling has become a serious problem,” stated Justice Secretary Merceditas Gutierrez of the Philippines last week. Students often send bets by cell gambling agencies on sports events during school time. Governments around the world are trying to make a stop to this phenomenon, but they also alert that they could only prevent it from happening inside schools. Parents must place protective measurements to protect their offspring from cell gambling services.

Joan Davis. Editorial staff 23/1/06