Protection from Cellphone Gambling Hazards

The growing modern cell phone gambling industry produces new hazards yet unfamiliar to the general public, one of them is Cell Phone radiation. This radiation is affecting our health but so far it's unknown at what degree the effect is, and a growing public that is exposed for this hazard is mobile gamblers. They use their mobile phones more than others in average to enter and participate in cell phone gambling games and services.

The public should be aware of the risk they take as they gamble via their cell phones, but as for now no company has issued such warning, but even without a public statement gamblers can begin to protect themselves from the hazard of cell-phones radiation.

The first step you can take to protect yourself is to reduce your cell phone gambling's session's time. The less you use your mobile phones to gamble is less time you are exposed to radiation. Also, if you primarily use your cellular phone for gambling activities you should shut it down, that is because mobile phones send signals to their network every hour, and this signal's duration time is three minutes. At this time your mobile phone transmits radiation, which can be avoided easily.

Another step you can do is to connect to your cell phone gambling services only in an urban area, where there is a high coverage rate of cellular antennas. The reason you should do so is that the further you are from a cellular antenna the more power your mobile phone needs in order to send a signal to it, the more power it used the more radiation is emitted from the device. Therefore, if you decide to use your mobile phone for betting via mobile-gambling services then do so in an area with high mobile coverage. Hopefully by taking the above actions you will reduce your exposure for radiation in the long run.

Article by Charles Smith
Editorial Staff, 2/1/06