Cell Phone Gambling - A Radiation Hazard?

As for now most researchers agree that cellular phones indeed have an effect on our health. scientists recommend the public to diminish their use of mobile phones as much as they can, but this is unlikely since the world has become an addict for mobile-communication's services. one of those services are the mobile gambling services.

The average mobile-gambler would play casino games or use other mobile gambling services for at least half an hour a day, "heavy" mobile gamblers would be indulging in such activities for more than an hour and a half a day. this puts them in a hazard since they absorb more cellular RF radiation then recommended. this is a great danger that most mobile gamblers are simply unaware of.

But who is responsible for warning mobile gamblers from the hazards they are exposed to? Is it the cellular companies that are in charge of the user's network? Maybe it's his mobile gambling service companies? Perhaps it's the government's fault, since they are responsible for the radiation standards which are set by legislation? And more importantly, how can you protect yourself from such hazards? 777mobi.com will continue to cover the issue of mobile gambling hazards to try and find an answer to the debate.

Charles Smith Editorial Staff, 27/12/05