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Zero36's Technology Enables Mobile Gambling

On January 10th, Zero36, one of the leading distributors of mobile casinogames, announced that a patent has been filed for its location-based filtering system technology.

The new technology will enable the user to legally access mobile casino games in locations where gambling is permitted.

Zero36's technology will ensure that mobile network carriers are adhering to gambling laws, while permitting land-based casinos to conduct their mobile-business.

At present, Zero36 has a distribution agreement with mobile network carriers for a "play for fun" only mode. The new technology will allow the mobile carriers to have a play-for-money mode. Once a player steps in a location where gambling is allowed, the play-for-real-money option will be available.

"With the entire industry seeking solutions which support gambling's legal framework, Zero36 has developed location-based filtering systems to enable mobile network carriers to legally offer their customers mobile casino games in locations where gambling is permitted," says Zero36 CEO, Sharon Tal.

"In mobile gambling, success is achieved by combining a fun player experience with superior technology and effective distribution. At Zero36, we are using our technological proficiency and usability experience to develop mobile gambling solutions that also provide mobile network carriers with increased revenue potential while upholding the industry's legal framework."


January 17, 2007
Nancy Parker