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New Yorkers Can Now Place Horse Racing Bets Via Cellphone

Beginning on January 22nd, New Yorkers will be allowed to bet legally on horse-racing through the internet and other electronic devices, including cellphones. This new development for gamblers is possible thanks to the new regulation adopted by the New York State Racing and Wagering Board.

Software developed by Sona Mobile is said to soon be hitting the market, and word has it that the new software will make it easier for bettors to wager via cellphone. Shawn Krelloff, Chief Executive for Sona, believes that the regulations along with their new software, will redefine New York's horse-racing industry.

"Generally, horse racing appeals to an older, male demographic," Krelloff said. "They're the guys who go to the track or hang out in OTB (off-track betting) parlors. Placing wagers from a cellphone appeals to a younger generation. And that could incrementally grow revenue for the industry."

Sona has already finalized a deal with the New York Racing Association (NYRA). NYRA owns and operates the 3 biggest racetracks in New York and according to this deal, Sona will help build the online betting site for NYRA. Sona is also looking to have NYRA acquire the new software that will enable gamblers to place bets via their mobile phones.


February 19, 2007
Nancy Parker