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New York Racing Association Calls Launch of Online Betting Site Victory

On May 16, 2007, the much awaited online wagering site of the New York Racing Association (NYRA) was launched with much publicity from leading horse racing figures. According to the president of NYRA, the launch of their Internet online site was a decisive victory for New York.

The arrival of online betting for the horse racing industry in the United States takes great advantage of the legislative loophole in the U.S. online gambling law. The application made by NYRA will permit horse racing enthusiasts from accessing racing information and placing bets on the horse races online.

NYRA also said that their online wagering facility is the only one in the nation who has an Advance Deposit Wagering feature and one of the most complete betting platforms.

NYRA President and CEO, Charles Hayward, said that the official debut of this online gambling feature is a decisive victory for New York.

Software and Mobile Provider, Sona Mobile, developed the product in a span of 32 days. Hayward added that their organization is very impressed with the performance of the product, despite the 32 day deadline.

The product, produced by Sona Mobile, met all the expectations of NYRA, The Jockey Club, VeCommerce and United Tote. This is a good development for the mobile gambling racing industry in the states.


June 03, 2007
Nancy Parker