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World Series of Poker Available at the Mobile Gaming N-Gage Platform

On March 2, 2007, Nokia said that they would announce more details of their next generation N-Gage platform on the GDC show next week in San Francisco, but that did not stop information from leaking out before the formal announcement.

Mobile gaming company, Glu Mobile, just announced that they will be launching an 8 player version of their World Series of Poker Texas Holdem poker game for N-Gage with other types of games. Some of these games are the 3D version of Whizzy and the multiplayer Ancient Empires Game.

It is also rumored that Glu Mobile's Project Gotham will be available on the N-Gage version. Glu Mobile's European Head, Kristian Segerstrale, said that they are proud and honored to be part of this mobile expansion of Nokia, especially with the brand new N-Gage platform. The other games that are expected to be released are Disney, Sega of America, Sony Online Entertainment, Universal, Square Enix, Capcom, THQ Wireless, Digital Chocolate, Tecmo, Namco and Vivendi Games. Nokia has already confirmed the participation of EA Mobile and Gameloft on the new N-Gage platform.


March 22, 2007
Matt Gross