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Women Take a Major Role in Cell Phone Gambling and Gaming Games

According to a recent US survey, female players constitute two-thirds of cell phone gambling and non-gambling games. A survey headed by Telephia, a major mobile research company, found that Female subscribers of mobile phone games are responsible for 65% of revenues from cell phone gambling and gaming.

According to Kanishka Agarwal, one of the leading researchers of Telephia, "The wireless industry has presented a hungry target audience willing to pay premium access to games through their mobile phones". Most of the revenues(34%) come from puzzle and strategy games, according to the research's findings. This figure consists of 72% of female participation.

The most profitable mobile gaming category, with the biggest revenue, were card and casino cell phone gambling games, which made up for 18.3% of total earnings from mobile gaming in general. These games include Blackjack, Poker, Slots, Bingo and other games that involve placing bets through the cell phone. The casino and card game category is not the most popular category, but it is quickly gaining popularity as more women discover mobile casino possibilities.

The most popular four mobile games still do not come from the cell phone gambling category, and include the mainstream games Tetris, Tetris Deluxe, Bejeweled and Jamdat Mahjong. Experts of cellgambling.com say that some mobile casino companies might try to develop cell phone gambling for these types of games, as they already make up 13.6% of profits, with no cell phone gambling involved.

Given this new research, it is safe to say that women rule the mobile gaming industry, including for cell phone gambling games. The sole group that has stayed dominantly male is the category that includes action and adventure games, with a 60% male share.

Nancy Parker - News Editor