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Vodafone Starting a New Mobile Betting Service

As reported by cellgambling.com, Starting from next month, Vodafone UK is launching a new mobile casino service on "Vodafone live!", that is scheduled to start from june. The service will include 11 different mobile betting games, among them Roulette, Blackjack, Keno, Poker, and Slots.

The company has signed a contract with Gaming corporation, the company that runs Gambling.com and Casino.co.uk. The service will be a new mobile gambling venture that has not been available before to the UK public.

Mobile phone users will be able to participate in mobile gambling for real money or for play money, which will allow them to play the games for free. The participation and payment for the mobile betting games will be done through the cell phone account.Playing and betting in the mobile games will be restricted with an age limit, through the use of Vodafone's Content Control system.

Justin Drummond, chief executive for Gaming Corp., expressed the belief that the mobile betting scene, in the UK and in Europe, is expected to grow and expand into new markets in the next few years. According to Drummond 'This is a major advance for Gaming Corporation and will bring further scale to our mobile gaming operation”.

Nancy Parker - News Editor