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Two Men Arrested for Illegal Betting in India

On March 18, 2007, 2 suspects allegedly involved in illegal betting activity on the ongoing India vs. Bangladesh World Cup of Cricket were caught by police officers. The 2 men, Manish Bagga and Neerash Sehgal, were apprehended in East Delhi. They received wagers of Rs 8 lakh when the police officers raided their hideout, which was the residence of Manish Bagga.

The officers arrested the pair when the cricket match between India and Bangladesh was in progress. The 2 suspects were operating the illegal betting ring from the residence of Manish Bagga located in the Shiv Puri area at the Preet Vihar in East Delhi. The officers confiscated a recording machine, 5 cellular phones and a color TV from the house of Baggia.

In the past months, there has been a rampant proliferation of illegal betting rings in India, especially during big games such as soccer matches and cricket matches like the World Cup of Cricket.

Police Officers have been conducting continuous raids all over the country to try to stop the problem to no avail. Officers are now training and familiarizing themselves with the new technology today, like how to trace calls both on the Internet and on mobile phones in order to identify mobile gambling.


April 02, 2007
Nancy Parker