Tigr Gaming Inc. To Launch Bingo Game On Mobile Phones

Tigr Gaming Incorporated, a mobile industry company based in the Philippines announces today, September 26, 2006, that they are set to launch their game that is similar to bingo and can be played on mobile phones between mid-October and November.

The President and Chief Operating Officer of Tigr Gaming Inc., Jody Yujuico, said that the game, which has been developed by homegrown talents, "WinGo" is their testing pad for their launch internationally. Mr. Joey Yujuico added that WinGo is very similar to bingo which is where players can choose their numbers that will occupy the grids of squares. The player would then used their hand-held phones and then select the numbers that they want that occupy the grid. They win if their numbers match with the numbers that are automatically generated by the system.

WinGo runs on the Java Platform and it uses text messaging to send the numbers to the servers in the Philippines. This will result in a text message to the player that states that it has confirmed the receipt of the numbers that the player has played. The winners would also be informed via text message. Those people who are 21 years old and above are the only ones that will be allowed to play WinGo. Those interested parties also need to install the WinGo software on their phone games in order to play it. Once you are finished installing the game, the player will be asked to provide their name, birthday, gender, mobile phone number and other information that is critical for identification purposes and it is also one of the guarantees by the company that a minor will not be able to access the game.

Interested players must also buy prepaid cards to play WinGo. The company, Tigr Gaming Inc. is a joint collaboration by Mega Gaming Systems Inc. and Activity Business Network Inc.


02, 2006
Matt Gross