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South Africa Reviews the National Gambling Amendment Law

On October 10th, 2007, according to the Department of Trade and Industry said that the National Gambling Amendment Law will put prohibitions on vendors of Web and mobile phone gaming. The DTI has lectured the economic and foreign affairs committee of the NCOP or the National Council of Provinces on the law that has already been approved by the National Assembly.

Once the National Council of Provinces passes the bill, it will require President Thabo Mbeki for his approval. The main goal of the bill is to put a strict hold on interactive gaming, which is defined as all variations of remote gaming like the web and mobile phones.

DTI director for legislation drafting Brian Muthwa said that interactive gaming in South Africa is unregulated and is plagued with different kind of problems. He said that with the legislation aims to safeguard society over chronic gaming, making the registration of gamers and complying with FICA or Financial Intelligence Center Act and preventing gaming from mixing with any criminal activities.

The gaming bill also requires all online and mobile gamers register with a vendor and register an account. It also contains some provisions protecting the welfare of players and a resolution to solve the problems that can develop between players and vendors and way to give out rewards to players.

FICA verification procedures require a declaration from players that they are of legal age and the area that they are playing in allows online gambling. Players must also choose an account which will handle the transfer of funds during a game.

The vendor will not be given permission to give extended credit to gamblers. The Bill will also prohibit gambling promotion. Muthwa said it will also prohibit offshore gambling operators to market online gaming in the country.


November 05, 2007
Matt Gross