New Generation of Cell Phone Gambling Filtering Technology Presented by PureSight

During the 13th of March PureSight announced its new generation of cell phone gambling and content filtering technology. It can be used by mobile operators to provide content unsuitable for underage users with complete confidence that their services will indeed not be viewed by minors. The ACR's Classification Software Development Kit (CSDK) has active filtering abilities that inspect the character of cell phone gambling and content streaming to mobile devices, especially to ones that enable logging onto the Internet

PureSight's Active Content Recognition (ACR) technology can be incorporated into cell phone gambling and other content services, giving security abilities to operators that are obliged to make sure that no underage users will be granted with access to their services. This is a huge issue that concerns the mobile gambling industry during the last couple of months.

Also, since preventing cell phone gambling problems is such an important issue for the mobile gambling industry, then the new ACR technology of PureSight is just what the doctor ordered. This technology can help to prevent gambling problem cases by restricting content for certain users due to the high flexibility of the ACR's functions.

In addition, this advanced technology is safe enough to ensure governments' support for this relatively new industry. Such support can help companies as in the case of the Australian ban on the cell phone gambling company Txt2Bet. Cell phone gambling activities even caused for world wide schools' ban on cell phones, which could have been avoid if mobile gambling operators had used PureSight's technology. If you would like you can learn more about cell phone gambling at Cell Gambling.

Written by Nancy Parker, News Editor. 22-03-2006