Police Discovered Cricket Betting Anomaly in the Current ICC Champions Trophy

On Friday November 10th, 2006, the local authorities discovered a group's illegal activities regarding gambling activities involved in the ICC Champions Trophy. The suspects in the incident identified as Pawan Chohan, a Sector 20 resident and Satish Kumar, a Sector 37 resident. Both suspects were taken into custody by the police officers.

According to Sub-Inspector H.S. Sekhon, the investigator assigned to the case, about four mobile phones, SIM Cards and a register were used by the suspects in doing their crime. The paraphernalia were then confiscated by police officers. The suspects were arrested in Sector 20 on Thursday November 9th, 2006. Investigator Sekhon further added that the gambling activities were being run from their base in Sonepat. The bettors were then informed about the developments on the match through the cell phones and then booked the rate in Chandigarh.

He also said that they could make more arrests in connection to the case as they uncover more clues on the incident. According to reliable sources on the case, it was currently being investigated on how many people are connected to the arrested suspects. They will be arraign on Saturday, November 11th, 2006.


November 21, 2006
Nancy Parker