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Platinum Play Mobile Features Spin 3 Software and Gaming Technology

On August 3rd, 2008, Platinum Play Mobile takes mobile gambling to a different and interesting new level as it offers the best gaming action to the gambler on the move and has no time to log-in on an online casino. Based on the high-class Spin 3(in collaboration with Microgaming) software and technology and featuring the best bonuses that any mobile gambling has to offer.

Platinum Play has cemented their status in the digital gaming industry by giving players good games that they can fully enjoy. Platinum Play games also features good graphics and sounds. The games also feature big bonuses so anyone will not be disappointed even if they are only playing in a mobile casino. Some of the games that players can play games like blackjack, roulette, video poker and others.

Players will also be able to play safely because it features a good security and encryption system. Once the players downloaded the game that they want to play, they have to deposit in order to begin wagering. Players will be able to benefit from the full gaming capability of GameWire like the complete portfolio of Spin3 mobile casino games as well as good graphics and the newest purchasing methods.


August 24, 2008
Matt Gross