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Phantom Fiber Online Gambling to Debut on Mobile Phones

Different gambling games can now be accessed via various mediums. Gamblers can enjoy their favorite casino games with the use of their mobile phones and even with their personal digital assistants.

Phantom Fiber, a mobile developer from Canada, is at the forefront of leading this big change in the mobile gambling industry.

The company provides wireless solutions to many online casinos that are looking forward to reach players who wish to play anywhere without compromising the speed of the game and the quality of the graphics of the software.

Jeff Haloran, the CEO of Phantom Fiber, said that their company has made an infrastructure which helps their player perform any type of activity in their mobile phones.

Golden Palace Casino, one of the biggest casino rooms around, has recently signed an agreement with Phantom Fiber Casino, which states that Phantom Fiber will provide an excellent seamless gaming connection for their customers.

Another casino, CasinoRoom, has also patronized this new technology by offering their customer mobile gaming options.

There has been a phenomenal increase in the mobile/PDA Gaming Market and most industry analysts said that mobile gambling profit is expected to increase by around 900% in the next 3 years.

In order for players to avail their services, they must first download the mobile software application from their mobile phones, then register their own accounts and once cash is deposited with the help of the E-Wallet system.


May 20, 2007
Nancy Parker