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NYRA Uses mWager for Mobile Betting

On October 17th, 2007, the New York Racing Association has agreed to utilize a new software application, mWager, if it will be allowed by the state Racing and Wagering Board.

mWager would give real-time data on races that are being conducted at the Aqueduct, Belmont Park and the Saratoga racing tracks. The senior vice president of NYRA John Ryan said that the mWager technology will permit them to give their customers the one-of-a kind in gambling security and convenience.

They usually handle more than $1.7 billion yearly in bets from New York. Customers can register on the Web-based betting system of NYRA and then be e-mailed or message a link in order to download mWager from Sona Mobile. Any mobile device that has Windows Mobile can used mWager. Ryan firmly believes that the gambling application will be popular with different classes of customers as more and more people acquire mobile devices.

Mobile players will have the opportunity to get the data on the horses and its owners and trainers. Customers can also see the odds and results. Players can also see the race probabilities and results without waiting in line. Shawn Kreloff, the chief executive of Sona Mobile said that they plan to allow customers to watch the horse races on their mobile devices.

To prevent abuse especially if the mobile device is stolen, passwords and PIN Numbers are placed to make sure that the identity of the person placing the wagers. Sona Mobile of Manhattan also deals with NYRA's web betting software and has collaborated with Motorola and Daily Racing Form.

NYRA will handle the accounting and tax information on the wagers and has agreed to utilize Sona's software for three years. The Coalition Against Gambling in New York is against the gambling expansion. Chairman Joel Rose said that people will only get addicted with easier way of betting.

The proposal is expected to be reviewed before the Racing and Wagering Board within the next months. The board approved the laws permitting web-based bets last year. Mobile internet wagering was first allowed on January 22nd, 2007.


November 04, 2007
Matt Gross