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NYRA and Sona Mobile Announce Betting Partnership

On November 1st, 2007, the New York Racing Association (NYRA) has announced a collaboration with Sona Mobile Holdings Corporation to give mobile wagering option for people with the use of mobile options and their mWager application. John Ryan, the Senior Vice-President for NYRA commented that this will allow them to offer their customers wagering privacy.

mWager is a mobile betting application for the horse racing market and customers would need to sign-up with NYRA's online betting system before downloading the betting software from Sona to mobile phones that has Windows Mobile. If allowed by the State Racing and Wagering Board, the betting service could also include access to the data of the horse, the owner and the horse trainer as well as the probability scratches and racing results.

All variations of bets could be permitted and it would allow the player to place bets without going to an online casino, calling a wagering line or going to a betting terminal. Shawn Kreloff, the Chief Executive for Sona Mobile said that horse racing fans will be able to access everything with the help of this new betting option.

Kreloff commented that Sona Mobile has collaborated with Motorola and the Daily Racing Form to give a one-of-a kind experience to horse racing fans. Sona is also planning to allow horse racing fans to watch races on their mobile phones in the near future. NYRA commented that they will also employ some level of security like passwords and pin number to prevent any kind of cheating and would ensure the identity of the person using the system.


December 02, 2007
Nancy Parker