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Nevada Gaming Commission Suspends Law Banning Mobile Phones on Gaming Floors and Sportsbooks

Since the debut of cellular phones, casinos have made rules against the use of mobile phones inside sports books and gaming floors. Whenever a customer would unthinkingly open their cellphone, an employee would immediately appear to remind the customer that they cannot use their phone inside the sports betting area. On August 23rd, 2008, the Nevada Gambling Commission decided to remove the ban on communication equipment, including mobile phones in sportsbooks. Developing technology made it harder for the rule to be enforced, while also making the rule obsolete.

The state of Nevada claims to be sensitive regarding the issue of mobile phone use for illegal betting; that is to allow mobile betting, in which case the purchaser of the bet is acting on behalf of another person or interstate gaming, in which wagers are transferred across state lines.

To show their desire to keep an eye on this problem, the Gambling Commission only suspended the mobile phone ban, to see if what will be the effect of the suspension of the ban before permanently deciding on whether to permanently lift the ban or not. But casinos are also well aware of their vulnerability to conspiring players that may be comparing lines on the Las Vegas strip, looking for a middle line or a line that is moving slower at one casino facility while another move rapidly.

By utilizing the most advanced systems, casinos do not need to worry that results of a particular event might be called to a gambler while the casino lags behind on the result or that the line changes might be seen immediately by the players before the sportsbook officials reacts. Combine that situation with mobile technology developments like wireless Bluetooth devices and both the need and the ability to block mobile communication and betting inside casino gaming areas and sportsbooks.

Sportsbooks managers say that they will still ask their customers to observe mobile phone courtesy at ticket counters, to respest the law regarding the ban on interstate play. Even wireless laptop computers are now allowed on sportsbooks and gaming area, where bettors can do some research about their bet.


September 03, 2008
Nancy Parker