Nevada says yes to cell phone gambling

Although cell phone gambling is becoming more and more popular in Europe and South Africa, American citizens still wait for the mobile revolution as the American wire-law prevents all sorts of online or mobile gambling. All this is about to change as Nevada is going to be the first state to allow cell phone and mobile gambling.

A recently passed law will allow Nevada casinos to operate cell phone gambling services in proximity to the casinos themselves, making Nevada the first state to allow any sort of online gambling, a well-expected move. Although the law is positive move in the right direction many disagree with the sever limitations this legislation requires. For instance a casino will be able to offer this service only in a public are inside the casino with more than 100 slots machines. Also, mobile gambling will not be possible in the hotel rooms and will not be available overnight and on limited hours.

Many experts hope that this move will haste development of new cell phone gambling technologies which in turn create new technologies for e-commerce and mobile services. Many also agree that this innovation will spread to other similar US states, such as New Jersey that already have some sort of legalized gambling. This might drive American legislators to rethink their view on Internet gambling in general.

Daniel Hakim, Editorial Staff