Vodafone Offer More Cell Phone Gambling Services Combined with Superscape Group's Casino Games

Vodafone, the mobile content company, continues to offer more cell phone gambling services to her 100 million European clients via its portal vodafone.com. This move is one out of many recent actions by vodafone in order to progress in the market of cell phone gambling.

While during last year Vodafone had concentrated its efforts on the mobile sports betting sector it is now moving forward with much vigor. The company is not indifferent to the growing demand for mobile casino games and so during last week it had made it possible for her clients to download Superscape Group's Capone Casino game.

"Superscape is the world’s leading publisher of 3D mobile games. The company combines extremely creative teams of games developers with in-depth technical knowledge of game design and a dedicated R&D team specializing in 3D graphics tools and technology" as stated in their site - superscape.com.

Capone Casino, which is now available for download at Vodafone's site, is an imitation of a sleazy-run-by-gangsters casino: Big Al and his assistant Peanuts. Players have two versions of the game – 2D and 3D – and they can choose to play mobile roulette, mobile blackjack, mobile video poker and slots and other cell phone gambling applications.

Kevin Roberts, Supersacpe's CEO has commented on the event as following: "I am charmed that we are continuing to work with Vodafone, and that they have chosen both our 2D and 3D versions of one of the trendiest games to propose to their consumers". Hopefully Vodafone would continue its current business line and would offer more and more cell phone gambling services to its clients during 2006.

David Winchester - Editorial Staff - The 15th of January, 2006.