Mobile Poker's Increased Popularity

The last two years had been a troubling years for the mobile gambling industry; with technological and regulative barriers in its way. but the New Year brings many expectations from the new mobile gambling craze. While in the US the poker trend had mainly manifested in replacing the traditional bingo halls and in wide-television broadcast and poker tournaments and so on, in the UK the poker craze is found in a surprising place – mobile phones, the new gambling trend.

In the beginning of 2005 few gave mobile-poker a chance for turning high revenues as UK's mobile gambling industry suffered from new anti gambling-publications laws, these prohibited advertisement of mobile gambling services, but in spite such laws the industry managed its way up, especially the mobile-poker sector. In the last few months more the mobile poker sector gained many new customers as experts predict that the reason for such a craze for bingo lays in the poker trend that immigrated from the US by Internet publication and many online-poker sites.

As for now, mobile poker's revenues from 2005 exceeded five millions Pounds, and the figure is yet to grow during the last week of 2005 by more than 2.3%, since the holiday session is encouraging many to gamble via special Christmas mobile-gambling bonuses.

Article written by Joe McCone, Guest Editor. 27th of December '05.