Cell Phone Gambling Protective Measurements

For quite sometime the general public had been worrying much for its offspring. The growing cell phone gambling industry shadowed itself by her unsuccessful attempts to screen underage cellular users from their adult contents, but this shadow is about to be removed since CTIA, the Cellular Telecommunication and Internet Association, declared this week new guidelines for content restrictions.

Until now adult content had no restrictions what so ever and indeed none was required. But the blowing winds of the gambling industry points that their goals are to penetrate the world of cellular phone content.

This voluntary move behalf of the CTIA had been mainly due to the growing fear of the public from free adult cell phone content, which had motivated governmental legislators to take interest in the subject. The CTIA's concern from legislators' interference has gained results in the form of new content self regulations.

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has commended this move and Commissioner Abernathy stated the following: "The voluntary initiative announced today by CTIA demonstrates that the wireless industry appreciates these challenges and is willing to better empower parents". The CTIA's guidelines divide content into two groups, one of which is restricted content and the other is generally accessible information. The definitions by which content would be defined will follow existing content's codes which today apply movies, TV, gaming rating and so on.

The use of existing methods will guarantee governmental future support since these methods are acceptable by world wide governments and institutes, and will ease anxious parents' minds.

Joan Davis. Editorial staff 16/11/05