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T-Mobile Player Wins 25,000 pounds in Poker With Cellectivity Mobile Gaming Portal

On August 7th, 2007, T-Mobile announced the first ever winner of $25,000 dollars on the Video Poker game developed by mobile gambling provider Cellectivity from Britain. The win comes at the heels of another big win of $20,000 dollars on mobile roulette that was also managed by Cellectivity.

The wins confirm the growing popularity of mobile gambling. Both Video Poker and Roulette are offered on the Cash Casino's T-Mobile gambling portal. The mobile casino which has now hit more than 60,000 visitors since its launched a year ago and is managed by Cellectivity, a mobile wagering and gaming provider in Britain.

Cash casino allows its users to download different gambling applications that are specially developed for mobile phones. There are different games that players can pick - blackjack, slots, bingo, roulette, nudge 7 and a whole more.

The mobile casino offers both real and money features that players can use to practice their techniques before deciding whether they want to play for money or not. T-Mobile customers can also easily access all of these games in their mobile phones anytime they want to.

The Chief Executive Officer of Cellectivity Marcel Puyk commented that they are happy with the success of the mobile portal.

As one of Britain's mobile wagering and gaming providers, Cellectivity continues to develop different strategies to better understand the gambling industry and fulfill the needs of those people affected by gambling dependency. All gambling collaborators of Cellectivity are active supporters of GamCare.


September 12, 2007
Matt Gross