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Mobile Gambling Deal of TVN and Telstra

On May 18th, 2008, bettors will be able to watch live racing events with the use of their cellular phone, download previous racing videos, review the racing printed form and put down wagers following the finalization of the mobile gambling deal between TVN and Telstra.

The telco's 3G mobile patrons will receive twenty-four/seven service within the following weeks. All live TVN product will be able to the customers for the monthly fee of $9.95. Some sources said that TVN and Telstra were currently developing a single-stop racing portal featuring real-time programming and the archival racing footage of TVN.

The portal will also witness the convergence of TVN's print form assets like Best Bets into the broadband service. Some people close to the deal said that this is a major change. Because customers will now be able to go anywhere and still have the opportunity to watch the races that they love and place bets with the use of their cellular phone. TVN has been talking for more than a year to widen its media rights. The two partners are confident of adding a wagering component to their offering in the near future.

This will likely include a direct access to TabCorp and a link to wagering exchanges. The new agreement is expected to give TVN's shareholders-a pair of Sydney metropolitan clubs and Victorian Clubs-a multimillion dollar profits in the following years.

It is also a big step by TVN to leverage their media rights before the brand new licensing agreement becomes effective on 2012, when the agreement with Tabcorp expires. The Victorian Government is looking for a brand new betting licensee. NSW's license expires on 2009.


June 02, 2008
Nancy Parker