Mobile Corporate Applications Leader Pervasic Ltd Appoints Rob Mills as VP of Engineering

On November 6th, 2006, it was announced that the Pervasic Limited Company, one of Britain's leading companies in mobile corporate applications, has appointed Mr. Rob Mills as the company's vice-president for their Engineering Department which handles Pervasic's development, operations and professional services for their MobileOne Managed Service Platform.

This aims to improve the productivity, visibility and control for mobile employees. Rob Mills will also handle building the structures and processes that are needed to support the expanding customer base within Europe. Mr. Rob Mills will bring his twenty years of experience in the IT field to his new position at Pervasic.

Before becoming the Vice President in the company, he had been the Vice President for the Engineering Department of Cellectivity Ltd., a consumer mobile company that specializes in online transactional mobile services.

He has also held a number of director level engineering positions for major system integrators like the Anite Group. According to the CEO of Pervasic Limited, John Salter, Rob Mills has an excellent record and deep knowledge of the field. "With these credentials, customers are guaranteed to get the best product that the company has to offer. The MobileOne platform projects have also a great future ahead of it under Rob Mills' leadership."

The MobileOne platform project of the company operates in a secured hosting center that is made to eliminate failure with the help of a full redundancy and back up. The software has been also made to address the needs of the customers even with different mobile providers. The MobileOne platform also contains a varied featured, multi-trade job management application that has configured screens to guide the user as well as recording the user's signature for future reference.


November 22, 2006
Matt Gross