Cell Phone Gambling Addiction

3G mobile gambling is a new growing market, and as such many are the questions born with its expansion, one of which is the problem of addiction. The nature of cell phone gambling is a nature of instant response - you dial, you bet and that's it. Other forms of gambling require you for more physical procedures, such as subscribing to an online casino or reaching to an authorized gambling zone, but cell phone gambling has the advantage of releasing from such actions. Due to the instant nature of mobile gambling experts forecast that cell phone gambling would cause many new cases of gambling addicts. The gambling industry, which is already under attack by different public groups, is not going to give up this fight and strenuous efforts are put to prevent a new front of battle with these groups.

As for now more than 70% of US grown persons are experiencing gambling at least once a year and 1% of the populace is considered as pathological gamblers and another 2-3% have less severe gambling addiction but they are a high risk group. These data is the driven engine behind current industry moves in the new cell phone gambling market. If you wonder why the mobile gambling industry wishes to prevent users from forming a gambling addiction problem then your answer lies in governments around the world.

The cell phone gambling industry is predicted to generate billions of dollars every year from 2006, and a fat percentage of it would go to cover gambling taxes around the world. Even with the payment of large taxes this industry's income will not be harmed. But, in case the world's addict's populace would grow, then governments will neglect their taxes and will be legislating laws against mobile gambling. There is not even one government who would rather "keep" the money and disregard the public's opinion. Since many companies' permits are in danger, in case of more gambling problems, they have to prevent such cases. Though for now data about mobile-addiction is none to be found companies have already started to prevent the platform for these cases.

Among the self-restrictions that cell phone gambling companies have implemented are age and betting restrictions, also - companies are also cooperating with content filtering institutes, researching facilities and psychologists from all around the world. All are anxious to prevent more gambling problems, each one due to his motives.

Joan Davis. Editorial staff 2nd of December, 2005.