Cell phone gambling news

The Launch of the Bodog Mobile Gaming Casino

On July 10th, 2008, a long list of online sportsbooks has featured mobile wagering for quite some time. One of these sports books is the Bodog Mobile Casino. Players can use their player account information from the Bodog online casino site that you have previously registered in and log-in on their mobile phone anytime they want even if they are in the move and cannot log-in to a computer to play.

The gaming website possess a comprehensive list of devices, whether your on mobile phone or a Personal Digital Assistant, the chances are that you can use the mobile casino anywhere in the world except for the country of Canada. The Bodog mobile casino software does not require any fee to download or use. But if you want to play casino games for real cash, you have to register for an account with Bodog.

Any additional costs that you may incur will include data costs and roaming costs by the network provider. It is advisable that you may ask your network for more information regarding this matter. Some players may ask on what will happen if the cellular phone rings while you are playing at the Bodog mobile casino. But there is no need to worry because it will still receive calls and text messages normally.

Incoming calls and text messages may interrupt your game but no information will be lost since all of the important information is stored on the gambling service. You will be able to continue at the point that your game was interrupted by the call or the text message.


July 24, 2008
Matt Gross