Cell phone gambling news

Juniper Research Reports a Mobile Gambling Rise in Asia and Europe

According to a Juniper Research report last February 14th, playing casino based games, lottery tickets and betting via cell phones are on the rise. It is expected that cell gambling will continue to rise and reach more than $16 billion in revenues by 2011 compared to $1 billion it made last year.

In addition, the increasing revenues of mobile gambling are coming from Asia and Europe. Asians and Europeans lead the way for mobile gaming, partially due to the fact that American lawmakers are against online and mobile gambling.

According to Bruce Gibson, Research Director of Juniper, the cell phone channel will make gaming services available to a wider and lower stake market than the existing channels, thus providing more room for market growth in the mobile gambling industry.

The main reason for the increase in mobile gambling is due to the convenience of mobile devices. Last year, the number of cell phones sold reached a mark of above 1 billion, thus signifying a huge number of potential users.

Among mobile players, sports betting has the widest following in mobile gambling followed by the lottery. Nevertheless, Juniper Research shows that the lottery might be in the number one spot by 2010 since bingo is now enjoying incredible popularity.

The popularity of virtual casino games, like blackjack, poker, craps and roulette are expected to increase as well.

Nonetheless, the Juniper Research report indicates that the only major block in mobile gambling is America's strict regulations that ban betting via mobile phone.


March 19, 2007
Nancy Parker