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Juniper Research Confident of Mobile Gamings Success in the Next Few Years

On February 3rd, 2009, mobile wagering is expected to perform well this year, despite the prevailing economic conditions, according to a study made by Juniper Research. The mobile betting market is expected to reach a total of $3.6 billion in 2009, more than twice the 2008 results, while other segments of the market like mobile Television and mobile games will likely be affected in the global economic crisis, according to Juniper Research.

Juniper Research said that the growth will be led by the British market. Dr. Windsor Holden, the main author of the Juniper Report said that gaming is usually an industry that is available to weather economic problems, as while there may be reasonable reductions in the level of bets among casino players, the overall demand for the gaming industry will remain unaffected. Aside from that, with the improving accessibility and availability of wagering services on portal, mobile betting is increasingly becoming increasing profitable and convenient means of placing a wager in any game that you like.

The report also noted that most well-known and well-respected European bookmakers now feature some form of mobile betting and several have collaborated with leading gaming operators to boost their presence in the mobile gaming market. The report said that existing regulatory laws could affect the mass adoption of mobile gaming, even in countries where it is permitted.


March 03, 2009
Matt Gross