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International Cricket Council Starts Massive Crackdown on Mobile Gambling

On February 18, 2007, Malcolm Speed stated that about $1.3 billion could be wagered on World Cup matches as the International Cricket Council (ICC) consider sending in anti-corruption officials to the Cricket tournament in order to stop illegal betting activities by bookmakers.

The ICC's anti-illegal betting drive has shifted its focus from match-fixing issues up to micro-fixing issues, where a lot of cash is involved in each match-fixing event. The ICC Chief Executive said that the anti-corruption efforts and security forces will be mobilized for this event albeit undercover.

The security unit also has many contacts who are familiar with this situation that are helping the force stop this kind of activity. One of the best examples of the recent activities regarding their anti-illegal betting drive is the ICC's current investigation of Marlon Samuel, a West Indian. Samuel was taped having a conversation in Room 2006 of Nagpur's Pride Hotel with alleged bookmaker, Mukesh Kochar, the day before a one day cricket match against India last January.

Samuel told Kochar that he would be bowling in the first change of the match, which is unlike him because he is an off spinner on a side with about 4 fast bowlers. Nonetheless, he did just that, and anyone who placed a bet on that particular scenario earned a lot of money. According to Speed, many serious restrictions will be enforced in order to prevent this kind of activity from ever happening again.

He further added that some big-time matches can reel in about $1 billion in total wagers worldwide. One of the restrictions that organizers have placed is that mobile phones will not be allowed in player's dressing rooms since they can be used for mobile gambling.

In addition, players can not place wagers on any matches or reveal team and match information for upcoming matches. Reminders will be given out again before the first warm-up game on March 6th, 2007. Cricket Australia Operations Manager, Michael Brown, said that players are informed about the current ICC rules and regulations, like the mobile betting problem, on a yearly basis.


March 18, 2007
Matt Gross