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Inlogic Software Unveils New Mobile Game of Texas Hold'em Poker

Texas Hold'em poker is a very popular casino game with poker enthusiasts nowadays. It will be very convenient for poker fans now that the game is being offered on mobile phones because it can be accessed in any part of the world.

The latest poker game offered in mobile phones is Poker Hold'em Master, designed and manufactured by Inlogic Software. Inlogic Software, a Slovakian based company, announced the debut of their brand new mobile poker games, which utilize the same rules as Texas Hold'em poker, on June 27, 2007.

Jan Kalafut, the Inlogic Software COO, said that after making the game of Solitaire, they have prepared the mobile version of poker for all their customers who are poker enthusiasts.

They are hoping that the game will become a regular part of their customers' mobile phone entertainment and that they will enjoy the mobile gambling game.

The mobile Texas Hold'em poker game by Inlogic software begins with a preliminary round which the player must win by defeating other poker players to get the chance to participate in the Master Tournament.

The Master Tournament is the major poker event, where the winner is declared the undisputed champion of the event.


July 09, 2007
Matt Gross