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Inlogic Offers Mobile Hearts and Mobile Backgammon Game

On June 8th, 2008, Inlogic software debuted two brand new mobile phone games; the Hearts card game and Backgammon Master board game. The COO of Inlogic Software, Jan Kalafut commented that there is absolutely no doubt about the growing popularity of card games on the gambling market with cellular phone content. He added that this is the main reason why they have decided to devote a significant part of their resources and time in developing mobile gambling games.

In the "Hearts" game, players need to be wary while getting cards because it is mainly a trick-taking casino card game. Players need to set aside most of the cards and achieve the lowest possible total in the end. "Tricks" are groups of cards that are place by players during their turn. Once getting a trick containing hearts or Spades, it is expected to earn more points.

The "Hearts" game is usually played by four players. On reaching a total of one hundred points, the scores are evaluated and the player that has the lowest score wins in the game. On the other hand, Backgammon Master is like the usual game played in the gaming board. Backgammon players need to move their checkers throughout the mobile game board. Jan Kalafut commented that they want to offer their customers the opportunity to play backgammon with the use of their mobile phones especially if they do not have the opportunity to log into an online casino.


Author: Matt Gross
June 19, 2008