Cell phone gambling companies compete first four places in NVIDIA's IMG Awards

This Tuesday, the 14th of February, 170 companies, which many of them are cell phone gambling companies, would compete for the the first four places in NVIDIA's International Mobile Gaming (IMG) Awards in 3GSM World Congress which would take place in Barcelona. This competition is meant to identify and promote 3D game advancement for cell phone and handheld devices. The lucky four winners would win publishing contracts for their well designed games.

The number of cell gambling companies that admmited to the IMG is 34 out of the 170 participating in the IMG this year for the first time. This figure proves that the mobline gambling industry is getting stronger every year. All the cell gamblingcompanies had created demonstrable rich-graphic versions of casino games that are commonly played such as Texas Holdem poker or Blackjack. The companies are competiting for one out of four awards: Best Gameplay, Best Artwork, Best Technical Innovation and the Grand Prix for the overall winner.

Phil Atkin from NVIDIA's Strategic Marketing Division stated the following:"What's really thrilling about this year for the IMG Awards is that we are can by now see some advanced, innovative and graphically improved cell gambling games now when the technology platform is in a state of quick evolution."

Officials from few cell gambling companies have stated that they are concerned with IMG's judges over the ethic side of cell gambling games by they are sure that their design would win the overall prize.

Joan Davis. Editorial staff 16/2/06