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Illegal Betting Ring Discovered in Gujarat

Police Authorities in Gujarat raided 2 illegal betting organizations and apprehended 17 people regarding the betting activities surrounding the match between India and Sri Lanka on February 15, 2007. 12 suspects were arrested on Anand Town that day. Police officers from the Anand Crime Branch raided a house at the Manjulapura Road where the suspects had been conducting their illegal betting activities.

Police officers confiscated about 38,000 rupees aside from 40 mobile phones that were used for mobile gambling, 2 laptop computers, color televisions, recorders and other materials and equipment that cost around 2 lakh rupees. The suspects apprehended are from Anand.

In the town of Rajkot, 5 bookmakers, who police officers claimed were allegedly accepting wagers over their mobile phones, were kept in custody by the Quick Response Cell (QRC) of a local police department in a police raid.

The owner of the residence, Dinesh Chandarana, along with his fellow suspects, were apprehended in the house raid in the Gayqkwadi area of Anand, while the head of the illegal betting ring, Dipak More Zariya was absconding. According to officers, a laptop, 11 mobile phones and some money were also confiscated from the suspects.


March 25, 2007
Matt Gross