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Hop-on View Regarding the House Judiciary Hearing on Mobile Gaming

On November 16th, 2007, Hop-on Incorporated, a developer and marketer of wireless phones, accessories and mobile gambling technology is happy about the House Judiciary Committee's hearing regarding the state of online gaming for not creating a strong decision. The hearing ended that online gambling is a good subject that should be continued to be studied and reviewed by the legislative body, state Governors and state lawyers.

This will give Hop-on a good head start in the mobile market before the competitors. Poker pro Annie Duke, gave one of the convincing testimony during the hearing, asking for the legislators to form some regulation to protect online players. She said that freedom and responsibility of U.S. residents should not be restricted by the laws and be prohibited from playing on the Internet.

Professor Joseph Weiler, an expert in International Trade Law, said that the United States could not permit online gaming from U.S. based companies while banning other countries, which is in contrast with the countries trade agreement with the WTO. As the lone U.S. based mobile phone Company that is doing mobile software, licensing and regulations for online gaming via cellular phones, Hop-on Incorporated is filling the increasing demand.

By getting wagers from both the United States and the other WTO counties, Hop-on will prevent million of dollars on taxes from leaving the country while giving customers a good gaming environment. Hop-on will ensure that only those people that are allowed to gamble will access the mobile gaming feature of the company.

Peter Michaels, the President of Hop-on Incorporated said that he believes that the current government will not make any decision regarding online gaming. This will give their software and hardware to receive licenses from governments to get wagers from the United States and other countries that are members of the WTO without any competition from other companies that offer mobile gaming.


December 04, 2007
Nancy Parker