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Hop-on and Verizon's Mobile Collaboration

On November 29th, 2007, Verizon's announcement that they will give permission to phone and mobile device makers to connect to their network which will bring substantial business opportunities for Hop-on Incorporated, a creator and marketer of mobile phones and accessories and maker of mobile gaming technology.

As one of the sole U.S.-based manufacturer of CDMA phones, Hop-on could gain a lot of profits because of Verizon's Any App, Any Device plan. Verizon plans to announce the minimum technical requirements for connecting to their network next year and the company is hoping to have the devices by the end of 2008.

Hop-on is knowledgeable of the CDMA standards that will be the requirement for entry on Verizon's network, according to Hop-on President, Peter Michaels. He added that they have been approved for use on several other networks in the industry. Verizon patrons will be able to pick from a bigger selection of mobile phones that do not have any restriction including mobile phones from Hop-on's mobile phones.

It could also lead the way for non-phone gadgets like cell phone gambling systems or cameras to receive mobile access for the very first time. This plan will allow Hop-on's latest mobile gambling and betting software to be played with the customers Verizon's mobile phones. Michael's said that it is good news for them with Verizon's decision to open their doors to other manufacturers.

It will have 64 million subscribers of Verizon as potential customers. The mobile technology and mobile betting applications will be available for their customers to enjoy. Verizon's public announcement comes after three weeks after Google announced their plans to debut their own mobile platforms together with Android Linux-based device operating system and its Open Handset, a collaboration of thirty companies.


December 09, 2007
Matt Gross