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Grand National Ultimate Game Jumps into Mobile Phones

On April 10, 2007, the brand new Pocket Gamer's mobile gambling technique in wagering in racing horses was made easy. Simply put your bet on the horse that you think has the best statistics in the game.

A player does not need a McCririck style of knowledge to do exceptionally well in the latest racing game made by Play One. The horse racing game, appropriately named the Grand National Ultimate, leaves out the wagering part in favor of pure horse racing, with the player taking the role of the jockey while trying to take their chosen horse to the Aintree for the Grand National.

Nonetheless, it is not just a single race because the player needs to compete in 13 races all over the world at racing tracks in Britain, France, Germany, United States and Spain. There are about 4 types of horse racing tracks that a player can choose from, like green grass up to brown mud.

Player One also features easy to understand controls for the player to control his horse on the tracks and even jump the fences. Player One also offers live video streaming for the current races this year and even some tips from Mr. John McCririck and videos from the past Grand Nationals. The Grand National Ultimate game is available to the nearest operator portal.


April 18, 2007
Nancy Parker