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Global Betting and Gambling Consultants Mobile Survey Results

On February 12th, 2008, the report that was published by Global Betting and Gambling Consultants regarding mobile gaming is currently receiving wide media attention all over Europe and it states that profit from players putting down wagers through their mobile phones has improved by twenty nine percent annually, growth that it is set to improve in the near future.

Although the market is responsible for a single percent of the total profit from gaming, the mobile gambling sector is considered one of the fastest growing area for gaming organizations and bookmakers like Ladbrokes, Betfred and others, according to Warwick Bartlett, an important partner in the consultancy. Bartlett commented that the three vital factors that are important to the success of mobile market are 1st, good handsets and the iphone are getting better every day and they are providing good screens and keyboards that can help players with their gaming activities.

2nd, usual online and offline gaming business have now matured and gaming companies are now taking seriously the mobile gaming market like Ladbrokes, William Hill and Bet 365. 3rd, software manufacturers have listened to the requests of their customers and made easy to understand products.

Bartlett commented that the mobile gambling market will improved by 26 percent CAGR until 2012 with Asia composing the 67% of the total mobile market. Britain will get 11% and the rest of the European market 22%. Bartlett commented that sports betting will experience the biggest improvement. But Bartlett warned that with the introduction of mobile gaming in Europe, possessing a strong social responsibility is very important. The mobile market must remember to barred users that are 18 years old and below and installing a Know Your Customer is very important.

Martin Higginson, who is the founder of controversial ring tone organization Monster Mob, is now the head of NetPlay Television. Just last summer, NetPlay debut their initial mobile gaming offering "Quids In". Right now, it has more than 50,000 players that are giving the company 200,000 pounds a month.

In a recent survey that was conducted by the UK Gambling Commission to study the ongoing gaming prevalence, it was found out that about 1.3% of the gamblers were in danger of being chronic gamblers or already chronic gamblers. The most vulnerable sector are the blacks and Asian players, those people that are divorced or do not have any formal education.


March 02, 2008
Nancy Parker