Glasgow Base DA Group Shares Up By Almost 20%

DA Group, a company based in Glasgow, saw their shares shoot up more than a fifth, after publicly announcing that they have closed a deal with the ITV reality show, "I'm A Celebrity Get me Out of Here".

Shares of the DA Company rose up to 20% percent or an equivalent of 7.5 pounds at 46 pounds, the highest closing by the company since the month of July. The entertainment arm of the company, Yomego, has been chosen by the ITV network to help their show with the making of Bruce "an Aussie avatar" which will provide customers an instant update on the "I'm A Celebrity Get me Out of Here".

The "Bruce" service will provide the patrons of the programs alerts, and regular updates both online and on their mobile phones. There will be also mobile competitions that the viewers can participate in.

The Financial deal of the agreement has not been made public but it was made known that both a license fee and royalties are included on the interactive features. Although Yomego has created 'desktop buddies' for other well-known shows like the X-Factor show of ITV, the situation this time is to provide the "I'm a Celebrity" show a wider variety of both desktop and mobile phone applications such as gaming options.

The Chief Executive of the Company, Mike Antlif said that the services that have been presented by Bruce for the "I'm A Celebrity Show" will show the full potential and capability of Yomego's entertainment flair for promotional activities. "The Bruce avatar will be a great connection to competitions on the cellular phone of their loyal viewers."

The head of the mobile department of ITV, Melissa Goodwin said that the platform presented by Yomego is a great way to keep the interest of the fans to the show and make them catch up and relate to what is going on.

The DA Group, which started their company in 1994, specializes in making digital animation but by just last year, they have shifted their company's focus to interactive gaming. The new service has also been used by the company for gambling services for cricket fans. This latest agreement with ITV is another strategy by the company to further enlarge their revenues aside from their income on television advertisement.

Last July, the DA Company posted a loss of 1.84 million UK pounds for the year to March 2006 but said that their revenues have gone up, with a good profit outlook for the year 2008.


November 27, 2006
Nancy Parker